Unleashing "Growth Potential"
Through Strategic Partnership.


knowledge and experience is essential

Knowledge and experience are essential when growing cannabis because it is a complex and sensitive plant that requires careful cultivation to produce high-quality yields. Knowledge about the plant’s biology, growth cycles, and nutrient requirements is critical to ensuring healthy growth and maximizing yields.

Experience, on the other hand, helps growers to anticipate and manage common challenges like pests, diseases, and environmental factors that can affect the plant’s growth.

Additionally, knowledge and experience are crucial in navigating the complex legal and regulatory environment surrounding cannabis cultivation. Overall, a combination of knowledge and experience is vital for anyone looking to grow cannabis successfully.

+20 years cannabis knowledge



udon thani

Chang mai

we dont deal in inferior plenotypes

We at Cloneville believe in providing the needed and highly sought-after service in providing quality genetics to cultivators. We have listened to the demands of personal growers as well as large-scale cultivators and the clear message is – Quality Genetics! Cloneville has been here since the beginning of the Cannabis movement in America. We have amassed some of the most sought-after genetics over the last decade or so. We DON’T deal in inferior phenotypes. We don’t just pop seeds and sell clones off of untested phenos. We have either grown them out and tested them or acquired them from legendary growers who have proven their worth over the years. You can depend on these principles when you get clones or teens from us.

  • Quality Phenotypes
  • Pest Free
  • Disease Free
  • Healthy and Rooted Clones


Here’s our simple process

If you are a licensed business send over your licensing info and ID to be verified.
If you’re just a regular medical customer simply fill out the rest of the information.
Simply call us to check availability.

We then agree on pricing based on volume.

Then once verified, we will retain a deposit that is applied toward the balance.
If you possess a distribution license then you can pick them up at Cloneville otherwise we will by New York State law deliver them to you at the address on your license or medical card for a fee.

We do offer better cost savings and priority processing with cultivators who have a contract with us.

we are ready to make a difference

cultivatiing collaboration’s:

One of the biggest keys to success in the cannabis game is branding. It is the single most differentiator between what’s on the shelves and what people actually want. We are Cloneville have been doing successful collaborations with high profile, artists and entertainers since its inception back in 2005 in Los Angeles.

Cloneville understands that a successful collaboration and high-quality product is a must. So Cloneville has created a select group of cannabis strains that are reserved for high profile individuals.

With that understanding in mind, Cloneville has teamed up with some of the most successful artist in the hip-hop industry to promote its high caliber of strains under the umbrella of Hip-Hop Legacy Brands. Cloneville will continue to add Artis under the label of hip hop legacy brands with artist that truly represent high caliber cannabis and a love for the cannabis culture..

Hip Hop legend SpliffStar


Cloneville has gone the extra mile with the collaboration of hip-hop legacy brands to create a hip-hop rap video that is shown all across the United States that promotes the collaboration between SpliffStar of the duo, Busta Rhymes and Flipmode and Hip-Hop Legacy Brands



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